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Additional functionality for the query builder. Fields are populated …
…when the builder opens. Values (sample and all) can be viewed. Double-clicking on a field name or value inserts it into the sql text box.

Still need to implement the test function and type checking to allow for automatic quoting of string values when added to the sql statement.

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gsherman committed Nov 20, 2004
1 parent ede9822 commit a935be42d263ff8b51b82d2f869a7f54c6c3cc4b
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@@ -3,6 +3,14 @@ QGIS Change Log
Version 0.6 'Simon' .... development version

2004-11-11 [gsherman] 0.5.0devel27
** First pass at a PostgreSQL query builder. This is not entirely
functional yet. Fields for a table are displayed and sample or all
values can be displayed. Double-clicking on a field name or sample
value pastes it into the sql query box at the current cursor
position. The test function is not implemented yet nor is the type
checking to allow auto quoting of text values in the sql statement.

2004-11-19 [mcoletti] 0.5.devel26
** Changed QgsProject properties interface to be more similar to
QSettings. New properties are emitted to file. There is a known
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ dnl ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
if test $EXTRA_VERSION -eq 0; then

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