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Adding build notes for CMake and 0.8
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homann committed Feb 6, 2007
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@@ -51,6 +51,11 @@ Currently you need to put it into that location in case you plan to create
the NSIS installer because so far it contains hardcoded paths for this location.


Source changes:

@@ -128,3 +133,47 @@ Now using windows explorer, enter the c:\dev\cpp\qgis\win_build directory and ri
click on qgis.nsi and choose the option 'Compile NSIS Script'. Do the same
for qgis-debug.nsi. Congratulations you should have two installable qgis
setup files in the win_build directory now..



Instead of shifting around files, you could use CMake. CMake compiles
raster, compaser, legend, gui and core libraries into one core
library. So it is not 100% compatible with 'normal' 0.8 Makefiles.

Below are the steps to configure and make the source. The building
takes plac in a separate directory from the source. If you have built
the source with 'normal' Makefiels first, please do a make clean (or
remove and check out everything). Previoussly made intermediate files
can disturb the CMake process.

As a background read

*) Make sure %QTDIR%\bin;c:\msys\local\bin;c:\msys\bin;c;\msys\mingw\bin is in your Path

*) Start a cmd.exe window ( Start -> Run -> cmd.exe ) if you don't have one already.

*) > mkdir build

*) > cd build

*) > cmakesetup ..

If asked, you should chose 'MSYS Makefiles' as generator.

All dependencies should be picked up automatically, if you have set
up the Paths correctly. The only thing you need to change is the
installation destination and/or set 'Debug'.

*) > make.exe install

It should now start compiling.

ALTERNATIVE) Start sh.exe now, and write 'make install' from within sh.exe

*) (Optional) Make sure to copy all .dll:s needed to the same directory as the
qgis.exe binary is installed to, if not already done so.

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