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Merge pull request #44439 from Gustry/tickets
Github template - Add some notes for new profile and plugins
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m-kuhn committed Aug 26, 2021
2 parents 2d5a580 + f605cdf commit b2287f54e9293eb8cdd7950f5f4e0aeffaea7119
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  1. +27 −0 .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/10_bug_report.yml
  2. +2 −0 .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/config.yml
@@ -8,6 +8,11 @@ body:
value: |
Thanks for taking the time to fill out this bug report correctly.
Please report only issues related to the QGIS application.
If the issue is related to a plugin, you should file the issue in the plugin code repository.
You can find the URL in the QGIS Plugin Manager.
- type: textarea
id: what
@@ -38,6 +43,28 @@ body:
required: true

- type: checkboxes
id: qgis-version
label: Supported QGIS version
description: |
Each month, there is a new release of QGIS. According to the release schedule, you should at least be running a supported QGIS version.
You can check the release schedule
- label: I'm running a supported QGIS version according to the roadmap.

- type: checkboxes
id: new-profile
label: New profile
description: |
Did you try with a new QGIS profile? Some issues or crashes might be related to plugins or user configuration.
You must try with a new profile to check if the issue remains.
Read this link how to create a new profile
- label: I tried with a new QGIS profile

- type: textarea
id: additional-context
@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@ contact_links:
GitHub issues are for bug reports and suggestions for new features.
- name: QGIS plugin issue
# There must be a link to make this option valid for GitHub
about: >
If the issue concerns a third party plugin (downloaded with the plugin manager) then it can't be fixed
by the QGIS core team. Please raise your issue in the dedicated bug tracker for that specific plugin

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