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Add handlesnull parameter to custom function template help
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DelazJ authored and nyalldawson committed Sep 10, 2018
1 parent b019bfe commit b2e4041
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Expand Up @@ -83,10 +83,14 @@ def load_user_expressions(path):
The @qgsfunction decorator accepts the following arguments:
:param args: Defines the number of arguments. With ``args='auto'`` the number
:param args: Defines the number of arguments. With ``args='auto'`` the number of
arguments will automatically be extracted from the signature.
With ``args=-1``, you can pass any number of arguments.
:param group: The name of the group under which this expression function will
be listed.
:param handlesnull: Set this to True if your function has custom handling for NULL values.
If False, the result will always be NULL as soon as any parameter is NULL.
Defaults to False.
:param usesgeometry: Set this to False if your function does not access
feature.geometry(). Defaults to True.
:param referenced_columns: An array of attribute names that are required to run
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