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Add i.eb.netrad algorithm

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Médéric RIBREUX committed May 29, 2016
1 parent a5afb94 commit b355940395d599b606bf82e169324dd52d987e05
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Net radiation approximation (Bastiaanssen, 1995).
Imagery (i.*)
ParameterRaster|albedo|Name of albedo raster map [0.0;1.0]|False
ParameterRaster|ndvi|Name of NDVI raster map [-1.0;+1.0]|False
ParameterRaster|temperature|Name of surface temperature raster map [K]|False
ParameterRaster|localutctime|Name of time of satellite overpass raster map [local time in UTC]|False
ParameterRaster|temperaturedifference2m|Name of the difference map of temperature from surface skin to about 2 m height [K]|False
ParameterRaster|emissivity|Name of the emissivity map [-]|False
ParameterRaster|transmissivity_singleway|Name of the single-way atmospheric transmissivitymap [-]|False
ParameterRaster|dayofyear|Name of the Day Of Year (DOY) map [-]|False
ParameterRaster|sunzenithangle|Name of the sun zenith angle map [degrees]|False
OutputRaster|output|Net Radiation

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