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Fix leak in labeling

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nyalldawson committed Sep 30, 2015
1 parent bc9b715 commit b3a124e1ab9a50e74d4e05769fbb115962879992
Showing with 3 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +3 −4 src/core/qgspallabeling.cpp
@@ -2157,9 +2157,9 @@ void QgsPalLayerSettings::registerFeature( QgsFeature& f, const QgsRenderContext

// NOTE: this should come AFTER any option that affects font metrics
QFontMetricsF* labelFontMetrics = new QFontMetricsF( labelFont );
QScopedPointer<QFontMetricsF> labelFontMetrics( new QFontMetricsF( labelFont ) );
double labelX, labelY; // will receive label size
calculateLabelSize( labelFontMetrics, labelText, labelX, labelY, mCurFeat, &context );
calculateLabelSize(, labelText, labelX, labelY, mCurFeat, &context );

// maximum angle between curved label characters (hardcoded defaults used in QGIS <2.0)
@@ -2611,9 +2611,8 @@ void QgsPalLayerSettings::registerFeature( QgsFeature& f, const QgsRenderContext

// TODO: only for placement which needs character info
// account for any data defined font metrics adjustments
lf->calculateInfo( placement == QgsPalLayerSettings::Curved, labelFontMetrics, xform, rasterCompressFactor, maxcharanglein, maxcharangleout );
lf->calculateInfo( placement == QgsPalLayerSettings::Curved,, xform, rasterCompressFactor, maxcharanglein, maxcharangleout );
// for labelFeature the LabelInfo is passed to feat when it is registered
delete labelFontMetrics;

// TODO: allow layer-wide feature dist in PAL...?

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