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[processing] fix wrong parameter GRASS

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ghtmtt authored and nyalldawson committed May 18, 2018
1 parent e182280 commit b44ce1e883b9950619218116318f5aab30906c0d
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 python/plugins/processing/algs/grass7/description/r.thin.txt
@@ -2,5 +2,5 @@ r.thin
Thins non-zero cells that denote linear features in a raster layer.
Raster (r.*)
QgsProcessingParameterRasterLayer|input|Input raster layer to thin|None|False
QgsProcessingParameterNumber|maxit|Maximum number of iterations|QgsProcessingParameterNumber.Integer|200|True|1|None
QgsProcessingParameterNumber|iterations|Maximum number of iterations|QgsProcessingParameterNumber.Integer|200|True|1|None

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