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Merge pull request #8803 from NaturalGIS/release-3_4

re-add the r.mapcalculator momodule (as r.mapcalc.simple) and remove the not working r.mapcalc
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luipir committed Jan 7, 2019
2 parents c710e0b + 63a5320 commit b557cc265ab28ffd7bc54005bc2c848c124eb0bd
@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
Calculate new raster map from a r.mapcalc expression.
Raster (r.*)
QgsProcessingParameterRasterLayer|a|Raster layer A|False
QgsProcessingParameterRasterLayer|b|Raster layer B|True
QgsProcessingParameterRasterLayer|c|Raster layer C|True
QgsProcessingParameterRasterLayer|d|Raster layer D|True
QgsProcessingParameterRasterLayer|e|Raster layer E|True
QgsProcessingParameterRasterLayer|f|Raster layer F|True

This file was deleted.

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