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Fix r.fillnulls

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Médéric RIBREUX committed Jun 26, 2016
1 parent 25411c7 commit b68800e188c6e3b3d378080404955b63d3c847ab
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  1. +5 −1 python/plugins/processing/algs/grass7/description/r.fillnulls.txt
@@ -1,7 +1,11 @@
Fills no-data areas in a raster layer using splines interpolation or interpolation
Fills no-data areas in raster maps using spline interpolation.
Raster (r.*)
ParameterRaster|input|Input raster layer to fill|False
ParameterSelection|method|Interpolation method to use|bilinear;bicubic;rst|2
ParameterNumber|tension|Spline tension parameter|None|None|40.0
ParameterNumber|smooth|Spline smoothing parameter|None|None|0.1
ParameterNumber|edge|Width of hole edge used for interpolation (in cells)|2|100|3|True
ParameterNumber|npmin|Minimum number of points for approximation in a segment (>segmax)|2|10000|600|True
ParameterNumber|segmax|Maximum number of points in a segment|2|10000|300|True

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