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expand temporal controller logic to cover wmst layers

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Samweli authored and nyalldawson committed Mar 6, 2020
1 parent 7700ef3 commit b8959ce1dc12ed27ec4354f1579a755b5010a9cc
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Building QGIS from source - step by step

%! target : html
%! style : style.css
%! Options : --toc --toc-level 2 --enum-title
%! preproc : TUT_URL
%! PostProc(html): '(?i)(<pre>)' '<div class="code">\1'
%! PostProc(html): '(?i)(</pre>)' '\1</div>'
%! PostProc(html): \(R\) &reg;
% Next line will replace tabs with 2 spaces in txt generated outputs
%! PostProc(txt): '(?i)(\t)' ' '
%! encoding: utf-8
% Tex processing
% Make sure this is first
%! PostProc(tex): '\\includegraphics' '\\includegraphics[width=100mm]'
% scartcl is from the koma script document class (apt-get install texlive-latex-recommended ttf-komatuna)
% setlength parindent suppresses first line of paragraph idents
% parskip puts blank space between paragraphs
% title pic stuff used to put a logo on the front page
%! PostProc(tex): '\\documentclass{article}' '\\documentclass{scrartcl}\n\\setlength{\\parindent}{0pt}\n\\setlength{\\parskip}{2ex}'
% use the color table and table packages so we can pimp the tables a little
%! PostProc(tex): '\\usepackage{style.css} % user defined' '\\usepackage{fancyvrb}\n\\usepackage{colortbl} \n\\usepackage [table]{xcolor}\n\\definecolor{tableShade}{HTML}{cecece}\n\\definecolor{qgis-green}{HTML}{0E7300}\n\\usepackage{wallpaper}\n\\LRCornerWallPaper{1}{WALLPAPER-IMAGE}\n\\usepackage{hyperref}\n\\hypersetup{linkcolor=qgis-green,urlcolor=qgis-green}\\renewcommand\\thesection{\\color{qgis-green}\\thechapter\\arabic{section}}'
% Make the header row of tables have a dark background. light text
%! PostProc(tex): '\\hline \\textbf' '\\hline \\rowcolor[rgb]{0,0,0} \\color{white} \\textbf'
%! PostProc(tex): '& \\textbf' '& \\color{white} \\textbf'
% Make verbatim text a little smaller and use fancyvrb package to draw it in a box
% Note Verbatim with capital V for fancyvrb to work
%! PostProc(tex): '\\begin{verbatim}' '{\\scriptsize\\begin{Verbatim}[frame=single,rulecolor=\\color{qgis-green}, framesep=4mm, label=\\fbox{\\small\\emph{Listing}}]'
%! PostProc(tex): '\\end{verbatim}' '\\end{Verbatim}\n}'
%! PostProc(tex): '\\section' '\\newpage\\section'
%! PostProc(tex): 'section{' 'section{\\color{qgis-green}'
%! PostProc(tex): NEWPAGE '\\newpage'
% Give alternating table rows different colors and use a smaller font in tables (\tiny)
%! PostProc(tex): '\\begin{tabular}' '\\rowcolors{2}{tableShade}{white} \n\\tiny\\begin{tabular}'
%! encoding: utf-8

%! PostProc(tex): WALLPAPER-IMAGE 'qgis-footer.png'
% These are comments and will not be generated in any output
% -------------------

%This document is in txt2tags format. You can generate html, plain text and
%moinmoin formatted documentation by running txt2tags on this document. See the
%txt2tags home page for more details. Please insert manual line breaks in this
%document as it makes diffing for changes much easier. To do this in vim
%automatically, select a section then issue (gq) command. Please don't
%apply vim formatting to the whole document as it screws up some formatting
%rather apply it selectively to paragraphs where needed.

% To generate output files from this document:
% cmake --build $YOURBUILDDIR --target t2tdoc

% End of comments
% -------------------

Last Updated: 2020-03-10
Last Change : 2020-03-06


= Introduction =

This document is the original installation guide of the described software
QGIS. The software and hardware descriptions named in this
document are in most cases registered trademarks and are therefore subject
to the legal requirements. QGIS is subject to the GNU General Public
License. Find more information on the QGIS Homepage:

The details, that are given in this document have been written and verified
to the best of knowledge and responsibility of the editors. Nevertheless,
mistakes concerning the content are possible. Therefore, all data are not
liable to any duties or guarantees. The editors and publishers do not take
any responsibility or liability for failures and their consequences. You are
always welcome for indicating possible mistakes.

Because the code of QGIS evolves from release to release, These instructions are
regularly updated to match the corresponding release. Instructions for the current
master branch are available at
If you wish to build another version of QGIS, ensure to checkout the appropriate
release branch. The QGIS source code can be found [in the repository].

Please visit for information on joining our mailing lists
and getting involved in the project further.

/!\ **Note to document writers:** Please use this document as the central
place for describing build procedures. Please do not remove this notice.

/!\ **Note to document writers:** This document is generated from
doc/INSTALL.t2t - if you need to edit this document, be sure to edit that
file rather than the generated INSTALL document found in the root of the
source directory.

%!include: overview.t2t

%!include: linux.t2t

= Building on Windows =
%!include: msvc.t2t
%!include: msys.t2t
%!include: mxe.t2t

%!include: osx.t2t

%!include: wcs-test-server.t2t

%!include: jenkins.t2t

%!include: debug-tests.t2t

%!include: iauthors.t2t

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