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translation update: nl by Richard
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macho committed Apr 23, 2009
1 parent a7dc3d9 commit b8d140f671fb1aebfe2a2d0b3381fbf561c452b8
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@@ -13,9 +13,10 @@
Arabic|Assem Kamal
Czech|Martin Landa
Chinese|Zhang Jun
Danish|Henriette Roued
Danish|Henriette Roued
Dutch|Richard Duivenvoorde, Raymond Nijssen
French|Eve Rousseau, Marc Monnerat, Lionel Roubeyrie
German|Jürgen E. Fischer, Stephan Holl
German|Jürgen E. Fischer, Stephan Holl, Otto Dassau, Werner Macho
Hungarian|Siki Zoltan
Indonesian|Januar V. Simarmata
Italian|Maurizio Napolitano

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