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Avoid Qt warning on startup
Browse files Browse the repository at this point in the history not trying to add a map item to canvas twice
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nyalldawson committed Feb 27, 2015
1 parent ada0160 commit bbe0837
Showing 1 changed file with 0 additions and 1 deletion.
1 change: 0 additions & 1 deletion src/gui/qgsmapcanvas.cpp
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Expand Up @@ -223,7 +223,6 @@ QgsMapCanvas::QgsMapCanvas( QWidget * parent, const char *name )

// create map canvas item which will show the map
mMap = new QgsMapCanvasMap( this );
mScene->addItem( mMap );

// project handling
connect( QgsProject::instance(), SIGNAL( readProject( const QDomDocument & ) ),
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