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m-kuhn committed Jan 28, 2020
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If this is a pull request that adds new functionality which needs documentation, give an especially detailed explanation.
In this case, start with a short abstract and then write some text that can be copied 1:1 to the documentation in the best case.
Also mention if you think this PR needs to be backporte and relevant or fixed issues.
Also mention if you think this PR needs to be backported. And list relevant or fixed issues.
@@ -27,8 +27,8 @@
- New unit tests have been added for relevant changes
- You have run [the `scripts/` script]( before each commit.
- You have run the `scripts/` script ( before each commit.
If you didn't do this, you can also run `./scripts/` from your source folder.
- You have read the [QGIS Coding Standards]( and this PR complies with them
- You have read the QGIS Coding Standards ( and this PR complies with them

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