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Bindings for 9cell filter
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elpaso committed Aug 8, 2018
1 parent 528302c commit be21ea8e5af66f7e8c2d1ad4cfc69ff663156bb0
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@@ -36,11 +36,15 @@ Starts the calculation, reads from mInputFile and stores the result in mOutputFi
:param feedback: feedback object that receives update and that is checked for cancelation.

:return: 0 in case of success
<<<<<<< 528302cc8952497513b44423dfca6fcf4857760c
<<<<<<< d6e747ca57807318c0b3f6be8266f0b43c0f7747
TODO: return an enum
TODO: return an enum
>>>>>>> More updates for opencl
TODO: return an enum
>>>>>>> Bindings for 9cell filter

double cellSizeX() const;

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