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Merge pull request #384 from lynxlynxlynx/master
Try to find QWT harder
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jef-n committed Jan 11, 2013
2 parents 37f7d57 + 5003c46 commit be94fb730f86671c00870e150ac015d651ddbc19
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  1. +2 −2 cmake/FindQwt.cmake
@@ -17,10 +17,10 @@ FIND_PATH(QWT_INCLUDE_DIR NAMES qwt.h PATHS
PATH_SUFFIXES qwt-qt4 qwt qwt5
PATH_SUFFIXES qwt-qt4 qwt qwt5 qwt6

FIND_LIBRARY(QWT_LIBRARY NAMES qwt qwt5 qwt-qt4 qwt5-qt4 PATHS
FIND_LIBRARY(QWT_LIBRARY NAMES qwt qwt5 qwt6 qwt-qt4 qwt5-qt4 PATHS

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