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Use pg initialization script from Travis

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Sandro Santilli
Sandro Santilli committed Feb 17, 2016
1 parent 034b5c0 commit bfcf92f728fa374deb2f5f01f2dbfe7de0c14040
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@@ -1,5 +1,4 @@
printf "[qgis_test]\nhost=localhost\ndbname=qgis_test\nuser=postgres" > ~/.pg_service.conf
psql -c 'CREATE DATABASE qgis_test;' -U postgres
psql -f $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR/tests/testdata/provider/testdata_pg.sql -U postgres -d qgis_test
psql -f $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR/tests/testdata/provider/testdata_pg_reltests.sql -U postgres -d qgis_test
psql -f $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR/tests/testdata/provider/testdata_pg_vectorjoin.sql -U postgres -d qgis_test

export PGUSER=postgres

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