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DBManager: added missing required (not implicit) self argument
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brushtyler committed May 20, 2012
1 parent b4d8a5a commit c64b715773470f61107b4c72cddbf01559987bb5
Showing with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +3 −3 python/plugins/db_manager/db_plugins/
@@ -60,13 +60,13 @@ def hasTableColumnEditingSupport(self):
return False

def execution_error_types():
def execution_error_types(self):
raise Exception("DBConnector.execution_error_types() is an abstract method")

def connection_error_types():
def connection_error_types(self):
raise Exception("DBConnector.connection_error_types() is an abstract method")

def error_types():
def error_types(self):
return self.connection_error_types() + self.execution_error_types()

def _execute(self, cursor, sql):

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