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Update API break docs

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nyalldawson committed Oct 25, 2017
1 parent c50ee6d commit c70a47e249f73043028905e0e836161288bd3aa4
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@@ -1269,6 +1269,10 @@ QgsGeometry {#qgis_api_break_3_0_QgsGeometry}
value instead of a pointer. The biggest impact with this change is that PyQGIS code should not compare a geometry
result to None, but instead either use a boolean test (`if g.buffer(10):`) or explicitly use the isNull()
method to determine if a geometry is valid.
- The QgsAbstractGeometry getter was renamed from geometry() to get(), and the setter from setGeometry() to set().
This was done to avoid the awkward "feature.geometry().geometry()" expression! Note that calling QgsGeometry.get()
can force a detach and full clone of the geometry, so it is preferable to use the faster QgsGeometry::constGet()
method if the geometry is not being modified.
- isEmpty() was renamed to isNull() to differentiate a missing geometry from a geometry which is empty (eg an
empty geometry collection)
- wkbSize() and asWkb() has been replaced by exportToWkb(). WKB representation is no longer cached within QgsGeometry

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