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processing: fix grass' r.quantile parameter (fixes #21751)
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(cherry picked from commit f1dbcc3)
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jef-n committed Apr 5, 2019
1 parent c5a2c2f commit c7a7b29
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
Expand Up @@ -6,4 +6,4 @@ QgsProcessingParameterNumber|quantiles|Number of quantiles|QgsProcessingParamete
QgsProcessingParameterString|percentiles|List of percentiles|None|False|True
QgsProcessingParameterNumber|bins|Number of bins to use|QgsProcessingParameterNumber.Integer|1000000|True|1|None
*QgsProcessingParameterBoolean|-r|Generate recode rules based on quantile-defined intervals|False
QgsProcessingParameterFileDestination|html|Quantiles|Html files (*.html)|report.html|False
QgsProcessingParameterFileDestination|file|Quantiles|Html files (*.html)|report.html|False

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