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More build instructions for Qt5/Fedora
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== Building QGIS with Qt 5.x ==

/!\ **Warning:** Qt 5 is not officially supported. Building against Qt 5
libraries seems to work quiet well alrady but be prepared that you are one
of very few with this setup. We strongly recommend using QGIS with Qt 4.

Python bindings in particular are not expected to be compatible. When Qt 5
is enabled, the build system automatically activates Python 3 and PyQt5 as well.
There are no plugins and not even the python code shipped along the QGIS source
code is compatible with PyQt5.

You have been warned.

== On Fedora Linux ==

We assume that you have the source code of QGIS ready and created a
new subdirectory called `build` or `build-qt5` in it.

=== Install build dependencies ===

Expand All @@ -214,9 +228,36 @@ qt5-qtscript-devel qca-qt5-devel python3-qt5-devel python3-qscintilla-qt5-devel
qscintilla-qt5-devel python3-qscintilla-devel python3-qscintilla-qt5
clang flex bison geos-devel gdal-devel sqlite-devel libspatialite-devel
qt5-qtsvg-devel qt5-qtxmlpatterns-devel spatialindex-devel expat-devel proj-devel
qwt-devel gsl-devel
qwt-devel gsl-devel postgresql-devel

Make sure that your build directory is completely empty when you enter the
following command. Do never try to "re-use" an existing Qt4 build directory.
If you want to use `ccmake` or other interactive tools, run the following
command in the empty build directory once before starting to use the interactive


If everything went ok you can finally start to compile. (As usual append a -jX
where X is the number of available cores option to make to speed up your build


Run from the build directory


Or install to your system

make install

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