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fix doxygen warnings
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jef-n committed Feb 5, 2012
1 parent 4d0551f commit cbe1e40
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Showing 2 changed files with 5 additions and 3 deletions.
7 changes: 5 additions & 2 deletions src/analysis/raster/qgsrelief.h
Expand Up @@ -110,8 +110,11 @@ class ANALYSIS_EXPORT QgsRelief
int frequencyClassForElevation( double elevation, double minElevation, double elevationClassRange );
/**Do one iteration of class break optimisation (algorithm from Garcia and Rodriguez)*/
void optimiseClassBreaks( QList<int>& breaks, double* frequencies );
/**Calculates coefficients a (slope) and b (y value for x=0)
@param input data points ( elevation class / frequency )*/
/**Calculates coefficients a and b
@param input data points ( elevation class / frequency )
@param a slope
@param b y value for x=0
bool calculateRegression( const QList< QPair < int, double > >& input, double& a, double& b );

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1 change: 0 additions & 1 deletion src/app/ogr/qgsnewogrconnection.cpp
Expand Up @@ -16,7 +16,6 @@
#include <QSettings>
#include <QMessageBox>
#include <QInputDialog>

#include "qgsnewogrconnection.h"
#include "qgscontexthelp.h"
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