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Release of 2.14.3
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jef-n committed May 20, 2016
1 parent fd3ed08 commit cf2ebb8296091ea19a0fb9d8f67b97096121e065
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IF (POLICY CMP0048) # in CMake 3.0.0+
179 ChangeLog
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Nyall Dawson <> 2016-05-20

Precise that scale function returns the denominator and not the scale itself

(cherry-picked from 69a8c381abeb810625bf972354e3492827b28915)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-05-20

Save annotations to project.qgs in creation order (fix #14812)

Save annotations to project file in the order they were loaded or
created, so that annotations have the same display order each
time the project is opened.

(cherry-picked from 82d465cd9434d4445fe4fa44af8a5fd085cbc566)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-05-20

Ensure that providers fetch geometry for a QgsFeatureRequest
with an expression filter which requires geometry

(cherry-picked from 858914eef589b2426209d500c162c4773c41fbd5)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-05-20

Set expression context for geometry generator builder (fix #14833)

(cherry-picked from 7187148afb9d7c2d6670ef82b361f7d3b116fdc7)

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-05-17

osgeo4w: add qt plugin directories to browser with grass (followup b758a8c)

(cherry picked from commit 6663a4cc821a9cf3ddc7ced1e65ba42f8fa945da)

Matthias Kuhn <> 2016-05-16

Fix bug in edit virtual field

The index was transformed twice from field index to field origin index,
resulting in a corrupted index (most often being 0 in the end).

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-05-16

[expressions] Fix fetching joined column refs when expression is
not prepared (fix #14746)

(cherry-picked from febe30d991111712f95a476e97862ca5a890b9aa)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-05-16

[cad] Fix invalid coordinates when x/y snapping is enabled and
subsequent segments are parallel

(cherry-picked from 90d116c6f509098f001bf1b10e8a58d081e46a14)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-05-16

Ensure that @symbol_color is always correct for symbol layer types
with subsymbols

(cherry-picked from cda387cb6f96e01d0c677c974f1a18e5d0bcbce9)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-05-16

Fix memory leak in OGR provider when feature has no geometry
and FilterRect is used

(cherry-picked from 6b80518a5b55ab30fb19493266d5626d0f89d26b)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-05-16

Fix major(?) memory leak with python code execution

(cherry-picked from 73733a65edd2bbc8156bf36484995457c35f6b68)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-05-16

Avoid refreshing canvas for every joined feature

Instead of setting the provider's subsetString to fetch joined
features, use a feature request with FilterExpression instead.
(Setting the subsetString results in a canvas refresh.)

Performance should be similar (if expression compilation is
enabled) and this also has the advantage of avoiding provider-
specific behaviour (eg case insensitive matching).

(fix #14800)

(cherry-picked from 22acf3b1a3e7a6afe094ec6dec83776256d2655a)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-05-16

Fix QgsFieldComboWidget not updating fields when calling setFilter()

(cherry-picked from a389d237fcff1f61941cdba5237079e80abe6717)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-05-16

Fix datetime fields not shown in QgsFieldComboWidget when set to date filter

(cherry-picked from b4029dc7f0169b60117c4ece7c15a31a8766cb4f)

Alexander Bruy <> 2016-05-09

[processing] don't crash if user canceled script loading

(cherry picked from commit 583eaeff7f1994290b1a9428d8b1a7c42848a5c9)

Alexander Bruy <> 2016-05-09

[processing] add support for int64 fields (fix #14777)

(cherry picked from commit f1e6d8731b67b47ce44dc03c5e4d9b7dfe676a0f)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-05-10

Fix feature fields does not include virtual or joined fields when
feature is requested using a QgsFeatureRequest with FilterFid

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2016-05-05

[server] Fixes segfault on wrong TypeName

Unreported - WFS-T

(cherry-picked from 8e781b4ec01b276e0c2be76db5742cf5227d6bd7)

Funded by Boundless

Sandro Mani <> 2016-05-04

Also use datasource instead of filepath when ref/unref-ing and invalidating.

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-05-04 don't created branches from tag names

(cherry picked from commit 919c54ef5fabe7b7c2eef9c91094642c47b2eb7c)

Matthias Kuhn <> 2016-05-02

Fixup for AppStartup test which requires SIP API V1

Matthias Kuhn <> 2016-05-02

Early import qgis in tests to set SIP API

Matthias Kuhn <> 2016-05-02

Improve qgis.PyQt compatibility layer

Sandro Mani <> 2016-04-20

Add connection pool test

Sandro Mani <> 2016-04-11

Move QgsProviderRegistry::instance delete call after deferred delete call

Sandro Mani <> 2016-04-10

Pass the full ogr data source URI as connInfo in qgsConnectionPool_ConnectionCreate.

This fixes corrupt rendering when loading the same dataset twice with different options (i.e. layers), see issue #14560.

rldhont <> 2016-04-29

[BUGFIX][QGIS Server] WFS GetFeature with propertyname retrieves requested fields

rldhont <> 2016-04-29

[BUGFIX] QgsGeometry exportToGeoJSON return 'null' for null Geometry

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-04-29

Release of 2.14.2

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-04-29

Fix calculation of point symbol bounds using data defined rotation or offset
@@ -1,8 +1,14 @@
qgis (2.14.2) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
qgis (2.14.3) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

* Release of 2.14.3

-- Jürgen E. Fischer <> Fri, 20 May 2016 14:05:10 +0200

qgis (2.14.2) unstable; urgency=medium

* Release of 2.14.2

-- Jürgen E. Fischer <> Fri, 29 Apr 2016 14:00:28 +0200
-- Jürgen E. Fischer <> Fri, 20 May 2016 14:05:09 +0200

qgis (2.14.1) unstable; urgency=medium

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