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Auto save Python script file
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NathanW2 committed Jul 21, 2013
1 parent ed286eb commit d0d2511d13fe7506a0ff32d6e46c96fe05f43523
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@@ -561,13 +561,20 @@ def runScriptCode(self):
if not self.isModified():
self.parent.pc.callWidgetMessageBarEditor(msgEditorBlank, 0, True)

if self.isModified() and not autoSave:
self.parent.pc.callWidgetMessageBarEditor(msgEditorUnsaved, 0, True)

if self.syntaxCheck(fromContextMenu=False):
if autoSave:
if autoSave and filename:

if autoSave and not filename:
# Create a new temp file if the file isn't already saved.
tmpFile = self.createTempFile()
filename = tmpFile"execfile(r'{0}')".format(filename))

def runSelectedCode(self):

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