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Added readme for building under windows
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Procedure for setup of a windows build environment for QGIS
Tim Sutton and Godofredo Contreras 2005
With thanks to Tisham Dhar for preparing the initial msys environment

This document describes the process you need to follow to get QGIS built directly
under windows (rather than using a cross compiler under linux).

Note: The process for building under windows is still being sorted out so
check this document regularly for updates.

get this :

and unpack to c:\msys

Download qt4.2 opensource precompiled edition exe and install (including the
download and install of mingw).

Edit C:\Qt\4.2.0\bin\qtvars.bat and add the following line (the second is only
needed if you like vim in your shell):

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\msys\local\bin
set PATH=%PATH%;"c:\Program Files\Vim\vim70\

Downlad and install NSIS from (

Download and install gdb-6.3.2.exe from

and install into c:\mingw

Check out to c:\dev\cpp\qgis
Currently you need to put it into that location I think - if you try to build
somewhere else you *may* run into problems - particularly with the NSIS installer
as I havent checked all paths are relative yet.

Next you need to shift some files around. Note I expect this requirement to go away
once the windows build process is refined a bit.

- moved qgsspatialrefsys* and qgscoordinatetransform* into core dir from gui
- qgsspatialrefsys.cpp - commented out lines using qgsproject as it depends on gui stuff
- qgsdistancearea.cpp - commented out lines using qgsproject as it depends on
gui stuff and moved to core

I have created a small archive which includes the above changes, which I will make available.

Temporarily disable postgres support until we heve resolved issues
- added #undef HAVE_POSTGRESQL to qgisapp.cpp around line 144
- added #undef HAVE_POSTGRESQL to qgsvectorlayerproperties.cpp around line 32

- moved qgspluginregistry.* to gui from core


Now open the qt command shell

cd c:\dev\cpp\qgis

Create the installation package:

Download both the QGIS debug and release installer packages from

and install them. Now copy the installation dirs from C:\Program Files\QGIS* into
c:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-debug and c:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-release respectively. After
making these copies uninstall the release and debug versions of QGIS from
your c:\Program Files directories using the provided uninstaller. Double check
that both dirs are complete gone under program files afterwards.

Now using windows explorer, enter the c:\dev\cpp\qgis\win_build directory and right
click on qgis.nsi and choose the option 'Compile NSIS Script'. Do the same
for qgis-debug.nsi. Congratulations you should have two installable qgis
setup files in the win_build directory now..

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