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Remove set mShortName in QgsMapLayer constructor

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rldhont committed Apr 20, 2016
1 parent e765bb6 commit d4af38be9d02bdcfff0db9559de6610a8ef4c7a6
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  1. +0 −3 src/core/qgsmaplayer.cpp
@@ -70,9 +70,6 @@ QgsMapLayer::QgsMapLayer( QgsMapLayer::LayerType type,
mLayerName = capitaliseLayerName( mLayerOrigName );
QgsDebugMsg( "display name: '" + mLayerName + '\'' );

// Set short name = the first original name
mShortName = lyrname;

// Generate the unique ID of this layer
QDateTime dt = QDateTime::currentDateTime();
mID = lyrname + dt.toString( "yyyyMMddhhmmsszzz" );

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@m-kuhn m-kuhn replied Apr 20, 2016

Since this commit the pal labeling test fails on 2.14 and master. Is this bad luck or is there a relation?


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@rldhont rldhont replied Apr 21, 2016

mShortName is just for QGIS Server. I'll take a look at pal labeling test, but I think there is no relation.

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