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Update resources/function_help/json/overlay_intersects
Co-authored-by: Nyall Dawson <>
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elpaso and nyalldawson committed Jan 7, 2022
1 parent 5b4a5dc commit d7797c0b8f2f1485ed6f3fe736474f934d2a5ab0
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@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@
"expression": "overlay_intersects(layer:='regions', expression:= geom_to_wkt($geometry), return_details:=true)",
"returns": "an array of maps with the feature id, the expression value, the overlap value and the radius of the maximum inscribed circle"
"returns": "an array of maps containing 'id', 'result', 'overlap' and 'radius'"
"expression": "overlay_intersects(layer:='regions', expression:= geom_to_wkt($geometry), sort_by_intersection_size:='des')",

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