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Update rotate function help for optional center point

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nyalldawson committed Jan 2, 2020
1 parent 0d4e4b9 commit d8645f528510bf708a50fb9209be3f24aa7af63b
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@@ -4,7 +4,8 @@
"description": "Returns a rotated version of a geometry. Calculations are in the Spatial Reference System of this geometry.",
"arguments": [ {"arg":"geom","description":"a geometry"},
{"arg":"rotation","description":"clockwise rotation in degrees"},
{"arg":"point","description":"rotation center"}
{"arg":"point", "optional":true,"description":"rotation center point. If not specified, the center of the geometry's bounding box is used."}
"examples": [ { "expression":"rotate($geometry, 45, centroid($geometry))", "returns":"a rotated geometry of the same type as the original one"}]
"examples": [ { "expression":"rotate($geometry, 45, make_point(4, 5))", "returns":"geometry rotated 45 degrees clockwise around the (4, 5) point"},
{ "expression":"rotate($geometry, 45)", "returns":"geometry rotated 45 degrees clockwise around the center of its bounding box"}]

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