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nirvn committed Feb 7, 2018
1 parent 0885414 commit dd7c168
Showing 1 changed file with 2 additions and 1 deletion.
@@ -1181,7 +1181,7 @@ and the new ramp can be retrieved after executing the dialog by calling ramp().
QgsGraduatedSymbolRenderer {#qgis_api_break_3_0_QgsGraduatedSymbolRenderer}

- getDataValues() has been removed - use QgsVectorLayer::getDoubleValues() instead
- getDataValues() has been removed - use QgsVectorLayerUtils::getDoubleValues() instead

QgsGraduatedSymbolRenderer {#qgis_api_break_3_0_QgsGraduatedSymbolRendererWidget}
@@ -2457,6 +2457,7 @@ displayExpression instead. For the map tip use mapTipTemplate() instead.
- pendingAllAttributesList() was dropped. Use allAttributes() instead.
- pendingPkAttributesList() and pkAttributeList() were dropped. Use primaryKeyAttributes() instead.
- pendingFeatureCount() was dropped. Use featureCount() instead.
- getValues() and getDoubleValues() functions moved to QgsVectorLayerUtils.

QgsVectorLayerEditBuffer {#qgis_api_break_3_0_QgsVectorLayerEditBuffer}

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