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Third alternative mac post build script for building dmg
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timlinux committed May 14, 2008
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# A bash script to create a dmg image file of the
# final application bundle
# (c) Tim Sutton 2007

set -x

echo "Removing old dmg if it exists"
rm ~/Desktop/${DMGNAME}
hdiutil create -size 300m -fs HFS+ -volname "QGISAlaska" ~/Desktop/${DMGNAME}

# Mount the disk image
hdiutil attach ~/Desktop/${DMGNAME}

# Obtain device information
DEVS=$(hdiutil attach ~/Desktop/${DMGNAME} | cut -f 1)
DEV=$(echo $DEVS | cut -f 1 -d ' ')
VOLUME=$(mount |grep ${DEV} | cut -f 3 -d ' ')

# copy in the application bundle
cp -Rp /Applications/ ${VOLUME}/

# copy in background image and folder settings for icon sizes etc
tar xvfz alaska_extra_dmg_files.tar.gz -C ${VOLUME}

# Unmount the disk image
hdiutil detach $DEV

# Convert the disk image to read-only
hdiutil convert ~/Desktop/${DMGNAME} \
-format UDZO -o ~/Desktop/${COMPRESSEDDMGNAME}

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