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Revert "Ignore some python warnings for now"

Doesn't work on all platforms

This reverts commit f0e53db.
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NathanW2 committed Sep 4, 2017
1 parent 088e58a commit df7c3df473d013f9e7c510e985b3b1d53a6164c9
Showing with 0 additions and 9 deletions.
  1. +0 −9 python/
@@ -59,16 +59,7 @@
warnings.filterwarnings("ignore", "the sets module is deprecated")

ignorelist = [
" DeprecationWarning: 'U' mode is deprecated"
"DeprecationWarning: the imp module is deprecated in favour of importlib;"

def showWarning(message, category, filename, lineno, file=None, line=None):
for ignore in ignorelist:
if ignore in message:

stk = ""
for s in traceback.format_stack()[:-2]:
if hasattr(s, 'decode'):

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