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add GRASS r.path
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gioman authored and nyalldawson committed Sep 7, 2021
1 parent 1532c05 commit dfc2d7408b67657a6e2072a8b4142a4774bd5d04
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  1. +13 −0 python/plugins/grassprovider/description/r.path.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
Traces paths from starting points following input directions.
Raster (r.*)
QgsProcessingParameterRasterLayer|input|Name of input direction
QgsProcessingParameterEnum|format|Format of the input direction map|auto;degree;45degree;bitmask|false|0|false
QgsProcessingParameterRasterLayer|values|Name of input raster values to be used for output|None|True
QgsProcessingParameterRasterDestination|raster_path|Name for output raster path map
QgsProcessingParameterVectorDestination|vector_path|Name for output vector path map
QgsProcessingParameterPoint|start_coordinates|Map coordinates of starting point(s) (E,N)|None|True
QgsProcessingParameterFeatureSource|start_points|Vector layer containing starting point(s)|0|None|True
QgsProcessingParameterBoolean|-c|Copy input cell values on output|False
QgsProcessingParameterBoolean|-a|Accumulate input values along the path|False
QgsProcessingParameterBoolean|-n|Count cell numbers along the path|False

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