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Initialize attributes

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pblottiere committed Jul 24, 2017
1 parent 8b70d7f commit e0c708c8a1845398f5eb90e8972a3e82f06af773
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  1. +3 −3 src/core/qgsvectorlayerjoininfo.h
@@ -178,11 +178,11 @@ class CORE_EXPORT QgsVectorLayerJoinInfo

bool mDynamicForm = false;

bool mEditable;
bool mEditable = false;

bool mUpsertOnEdit;
bool mUpsertOnEdit = false;

bool mCascadedDelete;
bool mCascadedDelete = false;

//! Cache for joined attributes to provide fast lookup (size is 0 if no memory caching)
QHash< QString, QgsAttributes> cachedAttributes;

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