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german translation update
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jef committed Apr 22, 2009
1 parent f67dcb8 commit e16070f
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24 changes: 24 additions & 0 deletions i18n/qgis_de.ts
Expand Up @@ -16141,6 +16141,30 @@ p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }
<source>About fTools</source>
<translation type="unfinished">Über fTools</translation>
<source>&amp;Research Tools</source>
<translation type="unfinished">&amp;Forschungswerkzeuge</translation>
<source>Delaunay triangulation</source>
<translation type="unfinished">Delaunay-Triangulation</translation>
<source>Polygon from layer extent</source>
<translation type="unfinished">Polygon aus Layergrenzen</translation>
<source>Input layer</source>
<translation type="unfinished">Eingabelayer</translation>
<source>Input point vector layer</source>
<translation type="unfinished">Eingabepunktvektorlayer</translation>
<source>Output polygon shapefile</source>
<translation type="unfinished">Ausgabepolygonlayer</translation>
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