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Show algorithm ID in tooltip in toolbox

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nyalldawson committed Nov 30, 2017
1 parent 306b3fa commit e1ce7dda70d4605ae9ea4cd0317c31ac7c1d90cd
Showing with 7 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +7 −1 python/plugins/processing/gui/
@@ -471,12 +471,18 @@ def __init__(self, alg):
name = alg.displayName()
name = name if name != '' else nameEn
self.setIcon(0, icon)
self.setToolTip(0, name)
self.setToolTip(0, self.formatAlgorithmTooltip(alg))
self.setText(0, name)
self.setData(0, ProcessingToolbox.NAME_ROLE, nameEn)
self.setData(0, ProcessingToolbox.TAG_ROLE, alg.tags())
self.setData(0, ProcessingToolbox.TYPE_ROLE, ProcessingToolbox.ALG_ITEM)

def formatAlgorithmTooltip(self, alg):
return '<p><b>{}</b></p><p>{}</p>'.format(
QCoreApplication.translate('Toolbox','Algorithm ID: ‘{}’').format('<i>{}</i>'.format(

class TreeGroupItem(QTreeWidgetItem):

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