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Allow rules to have children
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wonder-sk committed Nov 30, 2011
1 parent 54c65ed commit e553416
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@@ -390,6 +390,8 @@ class QgsRuleBasedRendererV2 : QgsFeatureRendererV2


//typedef QList<QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule*> RuleList;

This class keeps data about a rules for rule-based renderer.
A rule consists of a symbol, filter expression and range of scales.
@@ -403,10 +405,10 @@ class QgsRuleBasedRendererV2 : QgsFeatureRendererV2
//! Constructor takes ownership of the symbol
Rule( QgsSymbolV2* symbol /Transfer/, int scaleMinDenom = 0, int scaleMaxDenom = 0, QString filterExp = QString() );
Rule( const QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule& other );
//Rule( const QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule& other );
QString dump() const;
QStringList needsFields() const;
//QStringList needsFields() const;
bool isFilterOK( QgsFeature& f ) const;
bool isScaleOK( double scale ) const;

@@ -429,7 +431,7 @@ class QgsRuleBasedRendererV2 : QgsFeatureRendererV2
static QgsFeatureRendererV2* create( QDomElement& element ) /Factory/;

//! Constructor. Takes ownership of the defult symbol.
QgsRuleBasedRendererV2( QgsSymbolV2* defaultSymbol /Transfer/ );
QgsRuleBasedRendererV2( QgsSymbolV2* defaultSymbol /Transfer/ = NULL );

//! return symbol for current feature. Should not be used individually: there could be more symbols for a feature
virtual QgsSymbolV2* symbolForFeature( QgsFeature& feature );
@@ -457,24 +459,24 @@ class QgsRuleBasedRendererV2 : QgsFeatureRendererV2
//! return the total number of rules
int ruleCount();
//! get reference to rule at index (valid indexes: 0...count-1)
QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule& ruleAt( int index );
QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule* ruleAt( int index );
//! add rule to the end of the list of rules
void addRule( const QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule& rule );
void addRule( QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule* rule );
//! insert rule to a specific position of the list of rules
void insertRule( int index, const QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule& rule );
void insertRule( int index, QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule* rule );
//! modify the rule at a specific position of the list of rules
void updateRuleAt( int index, const QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule& rule );
void updateRuleAt( int index, QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule* rule );
//! remove the rule at the specified index
void removeRuleAt( int index );


//! take a rule and create a list of new rules based on the categories from categorized symbol renderer
static QList<QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule> refineRuleCategories( QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule& initialRule, QgsCategorizedSymbolRendererV2* r );
//static QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::RuleList refineRuleCategories( QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule* initialRule, QgsCategorizedSymbolRendererV2* r );
//! take a rule and create a list of new rules based on the ranges from graduated symbol renderer
static QList<QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule> refineRuleRanges( QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule& initialRule, QgsGraduatedSymbolRendererV2* r );
//static QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::RuleList refineRuleRanges( QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule* initialRule, QgsGraduatedSymbolRendererV2* r );
//! take a rule and create a list of new rules with intervals of scales given by the passed scale denominators
static QList<QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule> refineRuleScales( QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule& initialRule, QList<int> scales );
//static QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::RuleList refineRuleScales( QgsRuleBasedRendererV2::Rule* initialRule, QList<int> scales );


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