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Regenerate INSTALL[.html] with txt2tags 3.6 minus Mac changes

It looks like #35915 and 4f91bee regenerated INSTALL from osx.t2t
but didn't touch INSTALL.html. In this commit, I backed out all
changes to the Mac/OSX sections to both INSTALL and INSTALL.html
after using txt2tags to generate the files, to keep those sections
identical to what came before me.
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Codym48 authored and jef-n committed May 8, 2020
1 parent 1a29125 commit e60911fa74483e0e00c33d3d35e9bb7d1b3f6af0
Showing with 3,355 additions and 3,293 deletions.
  1. +1,620 −1,595 INSTALL
  2. +1,735 −1,698 doc/INSTALL.html

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