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[processing] also remove GRASS 6 from tests
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alexbruy committed Dec 13, 2016
1 parent a861320 commit ed0e39e
Showing 1 changed file with 0 additions and 1 deletion.
1 change: 0 additions & 1 deletion python/plugins/processing/tests/
Expand Up @@ -45,7 +45,6 @@
import processing
from processing.modeler.ModelerAlgorithmProvider import ModelerAlgorithmProvider
from processing.algs.qgis.QGISAlgorithmProvider import QGISAlgorithmProvider
from processing.algs.grass.GrassAlgorithmProvider import GrassAlgorithmProvider
from processing.algs.grass7.Grass7AlgorithmProvider import Grass7AlgorithmProvider
from processing.algs.lidar.LidarToolsAlgorithmProvider import LidarToolsAlgorithmProvider
from processing.algs.gdal.GdalOgrAlgorithmProvider import GdalOgrAlgorithmProvider
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