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Fix test for QT5

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rouault committed Nov 2, 2016
1 parent eb91915 commit ef012c4420a6e17426d7e8ceadd7efc95fb8bc2d
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@@ -235,7 +235,7 @@ def testDisablewalForSqlite3(self):
self.assertEqual(res, 'delete')

feature = vl.getFeatures().next()
feature = next(vl.getFeatures())
self.assertTrue(vl.changeAttributeValue(, 1, 1001))

# Commit changes

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@DelazJ DelazJ replied Nov 2, 2016

@rouault I'm not sure it's worth patching 2.16. Afaict there won't be another release of 2.16.
@jef-n ?


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@jef-n jef-n replied Nov 2, 2016

Right. Point releases are only done for the latest and the long term release.

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