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When saving a user crs, if a WKT representation of the CRS is available,

then store and save that

Proj string representations of CRSes are lossy, so we should always prefer
WKT when it's available

(cherry picked from commit 187b8f3)
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nyalldawson committed Dec 11, 2019
1 parent 0657c9e commit f098a5a2ab7d09d97c3b715a7c199b2d9f3a44c6
@@ -696,10 +696,9 @@ Update proj.4 parameters in our database from proj.4
This is used internally and should not be necessary to call in client code

long saveAsUserCrs( const QString &name );
Save the proj4-string as a custom CRS.
Saves the CRS as a custom ("USER") CRS.

Returns the new CRS srsid(), or -1 if the CRS could not be saved.

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