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change bindings again
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roya0045 authored and nyalldawson committed Jan 10, 2019
1 parent 12273fa commit f0ffbeb7be26a754d5dd05344df85df8052fa518
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  1. +9 −0 python/core/auto_generated/
@@ -59,7 +59,16 @@ Draw the legend with given painter. It will occupy the area reported in legendSi

static void setNodeLegendStyle( QgsLayerTreeNode *node, QgsLegendStyle::Style style );
Set the style of a QgsLayerTreeNode,
This class requires a node and a style to apply to the node

static QgsLegendStyle::Style nodeLegendStyle( QgsLayerTreeNode *node, QgsLayerTreeModel *model );
Returns the style of a given QgsLayerTreeNode in a given QgsLayerTreeModel


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