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Node.js and yarn are needed for building server landingpage
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@@ -192,6 +192,12 @@ See [debian-ubuntu](
currently supported distributions (plain xenial's GDAL for instance is too old
and we build with GDAL2 from ubuntugis).

To build QGIS server additional dependencies are required for building the server landingpage:

Node.js (current LTS recommended):<br>
Yarn Package Manager:

## 3.4. Setup ccache (Optional, but recommended)

You should also setup ccache to speed up compile times:
@@ -432,7 +438,7 @@ new subdirectory called `build` or `build-qt5` in it.
To build QGIS server additional dependencies are required:

dnf install fcgi-devel
dnf install fcgi-devel nodejs yarnpkg

Make sure that your build directory is completely empty when you enter the

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