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Merge map layer style undo commands that are created in short time (P…
…R 3277)

This makes the undo stack grow slower (especially when typing or repeatedly
changing a value) and preserves memory.
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wonder-sk committed Jul 7, 2016
1 parent 9b102c2 commit fd446cfeb066a63188a4c8aab57f3ba72afcb046
Showing with 33 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +23 −5 src/app/qgslayerstylingwidget.cpp
  2. +10 −1 src/app/qgslayerstylingwidget.h
@@ -449,19 +449,18 @@ void QgsLayerStylingWidget::pushUndoItem( const QString &name )
QDomElement rootNode = doc.createElement( "qgis" );
doc.appendChild( rootNode );
mCurrentLayer->writeStyle( rootNode, doc, errorMsg );
mCurrentLayer->undoStackStyles()->beginMacro( name );
mCurrentLayer->undoStackStyles()->push( new QgsMapLayerStyleCommand( mCurrentLayer, rootNode, mLastStyleXml ) );
mCurrentLayer->undoStackStyles()->push( new QgsMapLayerStyleCommand( mCurrentLayer, name, rootNode, mLastStyleXml ) );
// Override the last style on the stack
mLastStyleXml = rootNode.cloneNode();

QgsMapLayerStyleCommand::QgsMapLayerStyleCommand( QgsMapLayer *layer, const QDomNode &current, const QDomNode &last )
: QUndoCommand()
QgsMapLayerStyleCommand::QgsMapLayerStyleCommand( QgsMapLayer *layer, const QString& text, const QDomNode &current, const QDomNode &last )
: QUndoCommand( text )
, mLayer( layer )
, mXml( current )
, mLastState( last )
, mTime( QTime::currentTime() )

@@ -479,6 +478,25 @@ void QgsMapLayerStyleCommand::redo()

bool QgsMapLayerStyleCommand::mergeWith( const QUndoCommand* other )
if ( other->id() != id() ) // make sure other is also an QgsMapLayerStyleCommand
return false;

const QgsMapLayerStyleCommand* otherCmd = static_cast<const QgsMapLayerStyleCommand*>( other );
if ( otherCmd->mLayer != mLayer )
return false; // should never happen though...

// only merge commands if they are created shortly after each other
// (e.g. user keeps modifying one property)
if ( mTime.msecsTo( otherCmd->mTime ) > 3000 )
return false;

mXml = otherCmd->mXml;
mTime = otherCmd->mTime;
return true;

QIcon QgsLayerStyleManagerWidgetFactory::icon() const
return QgsApplication::getThemeIcon( "propertyicons/stylepreset.svg" );
@@ -52,15 +52,24 @@ class APP_EXPORT QgsLayerStyleManagerWidgetFactory : public QgsMapLayerConfigWid
class APP_EXPORT QgsMapLayerStyleCommand : public QUndoCommand
QgsMapLayerStyleCommand( QgsMapLayer* layer, const QDomNode& current, const QDomNode& last );
QgsMapLayerStyleCommand( QgsMapLayer* layer, const QString& text, const QDomNode& current, const QDomNode& last );

/** Return unique ID for this kind of undo command.
* Currently we do not have a central registry of undo command IDs, so it is a random magic number.
virtual int id() const override { return 0xbeef; }

virtual void undo() override;
virtual void redo() override;

/** Try to merge with other commands of this type when they are created in small time interval */
virtual bool mergeWith( const QUndoCommand* other ) override;

QgsMapLayer* mLayer;
QDomNode mXml;
QDomNode mLastState;
QTime mTime;

class APP_EXPORT QgsLayerStylingWidget : public QWidget, private Ui::QgsLayerStylingWidgetBase

3 comments on commit fd446cf


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@m-kuhn m-kuhn replied Jul 7, 2016

Hey, great stuff.

Do you think it would be possible to batch them by topic rather than time? I think that would enhance it even more.


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Member Author

@wonder-sk wonder-sk replied Jul 7, 2016

Yeah we discussed that with @NathanW2 - that would be a preferable way to go. That will just need more work as we would need to add some kind of extra identifiers (everywhere) on what has changed - or have some diff for stored XML data to automatically identify the topic...


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@m-kuhn m-kuhn replied Jul 7, 2016

That's what I expected.
XML for this task sucks anyway ;)

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