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Commits on May 25, 2015
  1. @jef-n
  2. @jef-n

    fix typos

    jef-n authored
  3. @blazek
  4. @blazek
  5. @jef-n

    geometry fixes:

    jef-n authored
    * 3d geometries from oracle
    * windows build
  6. @mhugo

    Merge pull request #2025 from mhugo/db_manager_dev

    mhugo authored
    db manager SQL window enhancements
  7. @mhugo

    Merge pull request #2057 from Hvitnov/fix12655

    mhugo authored
    Fix #12655 copy/paste style between different vector layer geometry types
  8. @jef-n

    fix 8050697

    jef-n authored
  9. @jef-n
  10. @jef-n

    fix some warnings

    jef-n authored
  11. @mhugent

    Merge pull request #2048 from alexbruy/fix-curvature-filter

    mhugent authored
    fix total curvature calculation (fix #5967)
  12. @mhugent

    Merge pull request #2055 from mhugent/geometry_mmsql_2_8

    mhugent authored
    [FEATURE]: New geometry classes (take 2)
  13. @mhugent
  14. @alexbruy

    Merge pull request #2074 from NaturalGIS/fix_saga_contour

    alexbruy authored
    [processing] fix SAGA 2.1.4 contour lines from grid
  15. @alexbruy

    Merge pull request #2072 from NaturalGIS/fix_grass7_r_relief2

    alexbruy authored
    [processing] fix grass7 r.relief2
  16. @alexbruy

    Merge pull request #2073 from NaturalGIS/fix_grass7_r_flow

    alexbruy authored
    [processing] fix grass7 r.flow
Commits on May 24, 2015
  1. @jef-n

    fix some warnings

    jef-n authored
  2. @pcav


    pcav authored
    Naming more consistent with other tools.
  3. fix SAGA 2.1.4 contour lines from grid

    Giovanni Manghi authored
  4. better indentation

    Giovanni Manghi authored
  5. fix GRASS7 r.flow

    Giovanni Manghi authored
  6. better fix for r.relief in grass7

    Giovanni Manghi authored
  7. better fix for r.relief in grass7

    Giovanni Manghi authored
Commits on May 23, 2015
  1. @volaya

    Merge pull request #2066 from luipir/master

    volaya authored
    Added Datasources2Vrt processing alg
  2. @nyalldawson

    [symbology] Use static QStrings for data defined keys rather than

    nyalldawson authored
    creating new strings with every redraw (pt 2)
  3. @jef-n
  4. @m-kuhn
  5. @m-kuhn

    Add some providers to

    m-kuhn authored
  6. @m-kuhn

    Less warnings

    m-kuhn authored
  7. @m-kuhn
  8. @m-kuhn
  9. @m-kuhn

    Also plugins

    m-kuhn authored
  10. @m-kuhn
  11. @m-kuhn

    Hide shared library symbols by default on GCC and Clang

    m-kuhn authored
     * Decreases lib size, loading time and compile time
     * Forces people on linux to use the {LIB}_EXPORT defines and therefore will
       make Windows nightlies more reliable
  12. @alexbruy

    Merge pull request #2067 from NaturalGIS/fix_grass7_r_relief

    alexbruy authored
    [processing] fix GRASS7 r.relief
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