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Commits on Feb 12, 2016
  1. @nyalldawson

    Misc optimisations suggested by clazy

    nyalldawson committed
    - avoid Q_FOREACH( ..., QMap.values() ) as it allocates an unnecessary
    - use .endsWith( ... , Qt::CaseInsensitive) instead of
    .lower().endsWith( ... ) as it avoids an extra QString allocation
  2. @nyalldawson


    nyalldawson committed
  3. @nyalldawson

    If no geomCalculator is set for QgsExpression, perform cartesian

    nyalldawson committed
    calculations for $length, $area, $perimeter (refs #13209)
    ie, the default is now to use planimeteric calculations unless
    a geomCalculator has been explicitly set
  4. @mhugo
  5. @wonder-sk

    Merge pull request #2729 from dgoedkoop/digitisecrs2

    wonder-sk committed
    Fix floating point inaccuracies when digitizing (to fix bug #13745)
  6. @jef-n
  7. @jef-n
Commits on Feb 11, 2016
  1. @dgoedkoop
  2. @jef-n
  3. @alexbruy
  4. @blazek

    [GRASS] fixed stds input

    blazek committed
  5. @blazek
  6. @alexbruy

    Merge pull request #2774 from medspx/processing_fix_parameternumber

    alexbruy committed
    [processing] fix ParameterNumber float detection
Commits on Feb 10, 2016
  1. @alexbruy

    [processing] fix example script

    alexbruy committed
  2. @jef-n
  3. @alexbruy

    Merge pull request #2775 from NaturalGIS/processing_fix_saga_default_…

    alexbruy committed
    [processing] remove wrong/non mandatory default extent for raster analysis
  4. @jef-n

    include qgswkbptr.h in install

    jef-n committed
  5. @jef-n
Commits on Feb 9, 2016
  1. @medspx
  2. @rldhont

    [BUGFIX][QGIS Server] WFS Service Capability OnlineResource

    rldhont committed
    WFS Service Capability OnlineResource is not the same as in WMS.
  3. @rldhont

    [BUGFIX] Update (*.model *.MODEL) localization

    rldhont committed
    This part of the string, (*.model *.MODEL), does not have to be localized.
    Some localizers have added a comma between files format, which prevents files filtering.
  4. @jef-n
  5. @jef-n

    Merge pull request #2748 from jef-n/wkb-bounds-check

    jef-n committed
    port more WKB parsing to Qgs(Const)WkbPtr including bounds checking
  6. @jef-n

    fix gml wkb assembly

    jef-n committed
  7. @jef-n

    don't save invalid wkb

    jef-n committed
  8. @jef-n
  9. @jef-n
  10. @jef-n
  11. @jef-n

    avoid double endian swapping

    jef-n committed
  12. @strk @jef-n

    Add test for premature WKB end in QgsGeometry::asWkt

    strk committed with jef-n
    See #14182
  13. @jef-n
  14. @jef-n

    indentation fixes

    jef-n committed
  15. @alexbruy

    Merge pull request #2768 from NaturalGIS/processing_fix_gdal_string

    alexbruy committed
    [processing] fix non-translatable string in GDAL/Aspect
  16. @alexbruy

    Merge pull request #2769 from NaturalGIS/processing_fix_gdal_optional…

    alexbruy committed
    [processing] fix a few GDAL/OGR optional parameters
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