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Commits on Sep 2, 2015
  1. @NathanW2
Commits on Sep 1, 2015
  1. @m-kuhn

    Disable failing theme test

    m-kuhn authored
  2. @m-kuhn
  3. @blazek

    use signals/slots between QgsWmsCapabilitiesDownload and QgsNetworkAc…

    blazek authored
    …cessManager, fixes crash on start up in #13271
  4. @3nids

    Label property dialog: allow translation of comboboxes entries and ad…

    3nids authored
    …d missing vertical alignment
  5. @3nids

    make string translatable

    3nids authored
  6. @blazek

    [GRASS] use vectNewMapStruct() in mapRegion(), fixes crash when runni…

    blazek authored
    …ng modules with GRASS lib compiled by different compiler
  7. @nyalldawson

    Fix leak in add map tool

    nyalldawson authored
  8. @nyalldawson

    More labeling leak fixes

    nyalldawson authored
  9. @nyalldawson

    [pal] Consider all label parts when checking polygon obstacle cost

    nyalldawson authored
    Fixes curved label candidates not being marked as in conflict with
    polygon obstacles when letters other than the first letter conflict
    with the polygon.
  10. @nyalldawson
  11. @nyalldawson
  12. @nyalldawson

    More pal cleanups

    nyalldawson authored
Commits on Aug 31, 2015
  1. @nyalldawson

    Update doc coverage test

    nyalldawson authored
    - Ignore deprecated stuff
    - Ignore on_* members
  2. @nyalldawson
  3. @slarosa
  4. @slarosa
  5. @slarosa

    [welcomepage] again fix welcome page vs project loading:

    slarosa authored
    reason: the welcome page persists anyway even if New option is selected.
  6. @blazek
  7. @jef-n
  8. @blazek
  9. @jef-n

    translation string fix

    jef-n authored
  10. @blazek
  11. @jef-n

    fix default.qgc and two qgm

    jef-n authored
  12. @blazek
  13. @mhugent

    Merge pull request #2282 from mhugent/snapper_backward_compatibility

    mhugent authored
    Better backwards compatibility for old snapping code
  14. @NathanW2
  15. @NathanW2

    Fix icon loading for themes

    NathanW2 authored
  16. @blazek
  17. @blazek
  18. @blazek

    [GRASS] default.qgm indentation

    blazek authored
  19. @blazek
  20. @blazek
  21. @mhugent
  22. @blazek
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