22nd Developer Meeting in A Coruña, Spain

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22nd Developer Meeting in A Coruña, Spain

International QGIS User Conference

Link to official page http://2019.qgis.es/

The International QGIS User and Developer Conference wants to be the referential conference, and a meeting point for the family of users and developers orbiting around the QGIS project, in order to gather experiences and sharing knowledge about QGIS. The language of the Conference is English.

QGIS Developer Meeting

A QGIS Developer Meeting is a volunteer-driven event where contributors to the QGIS project from around the world get together in a common space - usually a university campus.

The event is normally three days in duration and we hold two such events each year. During these events, contributors to the QGIS project take the opportunity to plan their work, hold face-to-face discussions and present new improvements to the QGIS project that they have been working on. Everybody attending the event donates their time to the project for the days of the event. As a project that is built primarily through online collaboration, these meetings provide a crucial ingredient to the future development of the QGIS project.

The event is planned largely as an ‘unconference’ with minimal structured programme planning. We do this to allow attendees the freedom to meet dynamically with those they encounter at the event. Those sessions that are planned are advertised on the event web page and we try to enable remote participation through video conferencing software. Although our hosts are not funded and donate the working space to us, we show our appreciation by making one of our software release’s splash screens in honour of that host, which is a great way to gain exposure of your institution and country to the hundreds of thousands of users that make use of QGIS.

Code of conduct

When attending our meetings we ask you to please abide by the QGIS diversity statement and Code of Conduct. We also ask attendees to respect local laws, customs and culture and be good ambassadors for the QGIS project.

Period and location

  • The user conference will take place from 04 to 06 of March, 2019.
  • The developer meeting will take place from 07 to 10 of March, 2019.


(more to be added)







We weren't able to find convenient collective agreement with hotels. Our suggestion is to book using the common web platforms. The nearest Hotel to Domus is:

but any other hotel is suitable. Anything is near and safe in A Coruña. Others has already booked to:

We can recommend these other accommodations for their proximity and quality / price ratio and if you book through this 'Booking.com' link, you will receive a refund of €15 after your stay:


  • Coming soon!

Transportation. How to arrive

By air

There are 3 airports in Galicia:

Name Code Web OpenStreetMap
Lavacolla SCQ link OSM
Alvedro LCG link OSM
Peinador VGO link OSM

From Lavacolla airport (A Coruña) a direct and cheap bus reach the city center stopping near central train station and bus station just at the beginning of the city center.

From Alvedro international airport (Santiago de Compostela) it's necessary to go to train or bus station to change and reach A Coruña.

From Peinador (Vigo) it's necessary to go to train or bus station to change and reach A Coruña.

Another international airport is:

Name Code Web OpenStreetMap
Oporto OPO link OSM

By Train

See Renfe timetable

By Bus

See Alsa timetable.


  • Use cases
  • Benchmarks
  • Open Data / Crowdsourcing / Collaborative Projects
  • Development
  • QGIS Desktop
  • QGIS Server
  • Statistics for Redmine issue tracker
  • Make documentation a requirement for new code
  • Make the python cookbook testable/runable


You can apply for refund of travelcost to finance@qgis.org - Deadline for application 2 weeks before the event. Use this form to apply for funding support.


!!!IMPORTANT!!!! : Arrival and departure date/time for planning accommodation and food. Also remember to add e-mail.

# Name Arrival Time Depart. Time Room/Shelter/Tent Country Share with Notes/Food Email
1 Francisco Pérez Sampayo Spain Food: fpsampayo [at] gmail [dot] com
2 Luigi Pirelli Spain Food: luipir [at] gmail [dot] com
3 Raymond Nijssen 4/3 11/3 Hotel Hesperia Finisterre Netherlands Food: r [dot] nijssen [at] terglobo [dot] nl
4 Richard Duivenvoorde 4/3 11/3 Hotel Hesperia Finisterre Netherlands Food: richard [at] duif [dot] nl
5 Lene Fischer 3/3 10/3 TBD Denmark Yes please ;-) lfi@ign.ku.dk
6 Hans van der Kwast 4/3 11/3 Hotel Avenida/Las Riás Netherlands Food: h [dot] vanderkwast [at] un-ihe [dot] org
7 Rosa Aguilar 4/3 11/3 TBD Netherlands Food: r [dot] m [dot] aguilardearchila [at] utwente [dot] nl
8 Carlos López Quintanilla 3/3 10/3 TBD Catalonia Food: carlos.lopez@psig.es
9 Paolo Cavallini TBD TBD TBD Italy Food: cavallini@faunalia.it
10 Alessandro Pasotti 4/3 Iberia 512 LCG - 13:00 10/3 Iberia 513 LCG - 13:40 Eurostars Ciudad de La Coruña Italy Food: elpaso@itopen.it
11 Erik Meerburg 3/3 7/3 TBD Netherlands Food: erik@geo-academie.nl
12 Mario Baranzini TBD TBD TBD Switzerland mario@opengis.ch
13 Áron Gergely 4/3 TBD (from Santiago) 11/3 12:20 (from SCQ) Sercotel Blue Coruña Hungary ag [at] geoinformation [dot] nl
14 Martin Dobias 5/3 10/3 TBD Slovakia martin.dobias [at] lutraconsulting.co.uk
15 Peter Petrik 5/3 10/3 TBD Slovakia peter.petrik [at] lutraconsulting.co.uk
16 Radek Pasiok 5/3 10/3 TBD Poland radek.pasiok [at] lutraconsulting.co.uk
17 William Roper TBD 10/3 TBD Catalonia roper.william [at] gmail.com
18 Matteo Ghetta TBD TBD TBD Italy matteo.ghetta [at] gmail.com
19 Carmen Díez 5/3 7/3 TBD Spain carmen10maica@gmail.com
20 Kurt Menke 1/3 10/3 AirBnB USA kurt@birdseyeviewgis.com
21 Régis Haubourg 4/3 14:15 9/3 7:00 Hostal Alboran France regis.haubourg@oslandia.com
22 Arnaud Morvan TBD TBD TBD France arnaud.morvan [at] camptocamp.com
23 David Erill TBD TBD TBD Catalonia daviderill79 [at] gmail.com
24 Francisco Raga 5/3 7/3 TBD Spain franka1986@gmail.com
25 Jorge Gustavo Rocha 2/3 10/3 AirBnB Portugal jgr@geomaster.pt
26 Tudor Bărăscu 4/3 21:30 10/3 16:30 TBD Romania tudor.barascu [at] qtibia [dot] ro
27 Paulo Almeida 5/3 10/3 AirBnB Portugal pda@geomaster.pt
28 Nuno Amorim 5/3 10/3 AirBnB Portugal nta@geomaster.pt
29 João Gaspar 4/3 08:00 10/3 14:00 TBD Portugal Gluten intolerant joao.filipe.gaspar@thenavigatorcompany.pt

Mentor streams

If you are coming to a QGIS Developer event for the first time, you may be a little lost and confused about what you should do when you get there. For this event (and hopefully future events if it works well), we will have mentors to help you get started in the QGIS Community. If you would like to be a mentor for a topic not listed, add a new table below. If you need mentorship, add your name to the appropriate table below:

Expression editor autocompletion improvements

The QGIS Expression builder offers autocompletion support since QGIS 3.4. This vastly increases productivity while working with the expression editor. However, a lot of functions still don't show up their parameters get_feature(...) instead of get_feature(layer, attribute, value).

This is also a unique possibility to get insights into the internals of the QGIS expression engine.

In this stream, we will learn how we can migrate functions so they show up with their parameters. If at the same time function descriptions and documentation can be improved, even better.

Stream leader: Matthias Kuhn


# Name Email


Stream Title

Text with description

Stream leader: e.g. Nyall Dawson


# Name Email

Individual Preparation

  • Bring your own computer (and power supply!). Power socket etc. details

Tourist/Sport/Cultural activities

Touristic walk (Managed by Municipality)

A walk to discover the history of the city. Not yet scheduled but would be Friday afternoon (8th) or Saturday morning (9th).

# Name Email


Surf season managed by Micho Garcia

Sauna/Whimming Pools/SPAs

There are many public swimming pools with a low fee entrance. You should only check if opened during Carnival days. Usually all public services can be closed the day 5th. A private SPA service that have to be mentioned is the Casa del Agua. Children older than three years old can enter only during weekend

Family facilities

There are three scientific museums managed by the Municipality that should give a touristic pass for all the attenders. The museums are well managed and interactive giving a good activity for an afternoon with children and his parents. More details at this link

Other tech one is the Muncyt with workshops agenda

Some Art museums are:

For children and babies

here a good resume, btw with more details...


A Coruña is full of Public Libraries, most of them have "Bebeteca" that means spaces planned for children and babies. The most well organised one in the library inside the Agora civic center. More info about public libraries and their cultural agenda is here


You can find many well organised parks with playgrounds oriented to baies or childrens. Some info can obtained here


About the area

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