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Code for RetroChallenge 2019
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Hacking more sound channels out of a 1989 Nintendo Gameboy. Our entry into the 2019 Retro Challenge.



  1. install rgbds
  2. git submodule init && git submodule update (to get run scripts)

building binary:

  1. make

playing game

  1. install wine
  2. download bgb (for windows, 32- or 64-bit depending on your wine installation) and extract into extras/bgb
  3. make clean play


  1. make some changes
  2. run make optimcheck to make sure you didn't miss any easily optimizable instructions

naming conventions


  .subroutine_label           ; jump labels within subroutines
  .label_in_macro\@           ; jump labels within macros
  SomeFunction:               ; a non-exported function
  SomeData                    ; exported data, probably array/string
  _GBHW_ADDR or _GBHWADDR     ; gameboy hardware address defined in
  some_value                  ; address in hram


as3_freq                    ; music frequency (16-bit)
as3                         ; music note (8-bit index into NoteFreqs
SOME_CONSTANT               ; equ-defined constant
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