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Erlang/Elixir helpers
Elixir Erlang
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Quaff is a set of tools for integrating Elixir into erlang applications (or vice versa).


This module parses erlang header files, and imports any constants as @ attributes. A constant means a -define macro which evaluates to a constant term, and takes no arguments (though it may use macros which accept arguments). Constants whose names start with a capital letter will have an underscore prepended, for compatibility with Elixir syntax.




defmodule MyModule
   require Quaff.Constants

   def myfunc() do


The Debug module provides a simple helper interface for running Elixir code in the erlang graphical debugger, using the technique I described in this posting.

Interactive Elixir (0.12.2) - press Ctrl+C to exit (type h() ENTER for help)
iex(1)>  Quaff.Debug.start() #start the graphical debugger
{:ok, #PID<0.59.0>}
iex(2)>  Quaff.Debug.load("./lib/mymodule.ex") #load all modules in source file
lib/mymodule.ex:1: redefining module My.Module
lib/mymodule.ex:212: redefining module My.OtherModule
[module: My.Module, module: My.OtherModule]
iex(3)>  Quaff.Debug.load(Yet.AnotherModule) #load a module by name
{:module, Yet.AnotherModule}

Also provided is nload(module) (equivalent to load(module, all_nodes: true)), which debugs the module[s] on all known nodes.

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