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FDLint as vim plugin

This is the vim plugin for fdlint which helps web developers write better code by reading and reviewing codes.




git clone git://
cd fdlint-vim

git submodule init
git submodule update

#copy plugin to your $VIM_RUNTIME/ (commonly '~/.vim')
cp -a plugin/* $VIM_RUNTIME/plugin/


It will check your code everytime you open and save a css or html file.

fdlint.vim will review your code when...

  • every time you edit CSS/HTML file
  • you open CSS/HTML file
  • you called :FDLint command in a CSS/HTML/JS buffer

You may want to bind a hotkey to :FDLint. It is <leader>+fd by default.


This vim script is built base on the awesome jslint.vim vim plugin, which is available here: