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The Qi4j SDK
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bin Massive overhaul of build system.
core QI-377 Method collision resolution more predictable
etc Fixing up a more useful set of Checkstyle.
extensions QI-415 Fix intermittent failures of ElasticSearch indexing on startup
gradle/wrapper build: upgrade Gradle wrapper to 2.2.1
libraries CircuitBreaker, minor: attempt to fix test that intermittently fail
manual doc: howto-create-concern minor rewording, fixing an inconsistency
samples Fix Java 8 DocLint errors across the whole SDK
tests Fixed all JavaDoc ERRORS reported by DocLint in Java 8.
tools tools/model-detail is now a VisitableHierarchy
tutorials Fixed all JavaDoc ERRORS reported by DocLint in Java 8.
.gitignore Activation: javadoc
LICENSE.txt Installer wants txt file names.
NOTICE.txt Simplification of build system...
README.txt Closing statement
build.gradle build: minor jacoco refinement
doap.rdf Preparing a Description Of A Project file
gradlew Fixes for QI-382 and QI-383.
gradlew.bat Fixes for QI-382 and QI-383.
libraries.gradle QI-412: upgrade ElasticSearch from 1.2.1 to 1.3.4
maven-compat.gradle More changes to build system, to populate the right things into the d…
settings.gradle QI-392 Remove first attempt at MoneyConversion



Please see and/or

Apache Zest was created in March 2015, and the Qi4j project is the primary 
subproject within Zest. You will find all the existing Qi4j stuff in there,
including old documentation, source code history and so forth.

Qi4j is Dead, Long live Apache Zest Qi4j

# Welcome to the world of Qi4j
   - Composite Oriented Programming on the Java platform.

This Qi4j SDK contains everything you need to create Qi4j applications.

Qi4j started in 2007, and is still in heavy development. We would like
developers around the world to participate in the advancement of this
cool, new and challenging technology. We are especially interested in
people willing to help improve the SDK, samples, tutorials, documentation
and other supporting material.

Please see for more information.

All Qi4j code is licensed under an Apache License.

Third-Party Dependencies may be licensed under other terms. The only
required dependencies are SLF4J (MIT Licence), ASM (BSD Licence) and
Joda-Time (Apache Licence).

Dependencies not included
The binary distributions contains Qi4j artifacts only to keep the download
size small. Each Qi4j artifact comes with a file prefixed ..-runtime-deps.txt
that contains the list of its dependencies. Moreover, at the SDK root you'll
find a Metalink file named qi4j-sdk-runtime-deps.metalink that you can use to
download all needed dependencies jars. Metalink files can be downloaded using
curl, aria2 and a lot of other download tools. Support in wget is coming.

Finally, Qi4j TestSupport depends on JUnit 4.x and its dependencies, which
is also not included in the SDK itself, as it is present among most Java

If you prefer to use a dependency management system, go to:

Thank you for trying out Qi4j and Composite Oriented Programming.

-- Qi4j Core Dev Team

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