@qian256 qian256 released this May 16, 2017

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Second stable release of HoloLensARToolKit project, that supports fiducial marker tracking using the locatable camera of HoloLens.

What's new?

HoloLensARToolKit v0.2 involves a re-write of video pipeline, taking advantage of Windows.Media.Capture APIs. Compared to v0.1 where the frame data is achieved via Unity WebcamTexture, Windows UWP APIs provide direct access to video control.

The current implementation uses .NET Task-based Asynchronous Pattern widely, to parallelize video capture, tracking, and Unity rendering. The dependency between each module is loosened. HoloLensARToolKit v0.2 is able to achieve: rendering at 45-60 fps, video capture at 30 fps, and tracking at 25-30 fps performance.

Supported Features

  1. Pattern marker tracking
  2. Barcode/Matrix marker tracking
  3. Multi-marker using multiple pattern or barcode markers
  4. Preview of video feed
  5. Magic functions for aligning the overlay with tracked objects
  6. Load default HoloLens camera calibration
  7. Asynchronized video pipeline (30 fps), tracking (25-30 fps), and rendering (45-60 fps).
  8. Samples unity scenes to demonstrate the usecases of different markers.
  9. Sample unity scene to visualize the coordinate system of each marker.


  1. Unity 5.6.x
  2. Visual Studio 2017
  3. ARToolKit 5.3.2
  4. Microsoft HoloLens


  1. Overview: ARToolKit on HoloLens
  2. Unity native programming
  3. ARUWPController options v0.2
  4. ARUWPMarker options v0.2
  5. ARUWPVideo options v0.2
  6. Coordinate systems in HoloLensARToolKit v0.2