Calibration file of HoloLens front-facing camera
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HoloLens Camera Calibration

Author: Long Qian

Date: 2018-03-25

This repository contains camera calibration file of HoloLens front-facing camera, with the following configurations:

  • 896x504, recommended for fast processing
  • 1344x756, recommended for wide FOV
  • 1280x720, not recommended

OpenCV camera calibration scripts are used to calibrate the HoloLens camera (src/ A custom Visual Studio solution (src/ARToolKitCalibrationFileGenerator) converts the parameters from OpenCV format to ARToolKit format.


  1. How to calibrate using images taken with my own HoloLens?

Run the script src/ with your own checkerboard setting, and the path to your own images, for example:

python --square_size 0.03 --pattern_width 7 --pattern_height 5 PATH/TO/IMAGE/*.jpg
  1. How to convert my own OpenCV calibration file to ARToolKit one?

Launch src/ARToolKitCalibrationFileGenerator.sln, modify the parameters in main(), and run it. The Visual Studio 2017 solution is shipped with ARToolKit binaries, and should run on Windows 10 machine instantly.

  1. How to I verify the binary ARToolKit calibration file?

Run the src/ARToolKitCalibrationFileGenerator/ with the specific readFileName parameter.